*Trigger Warning*

This week I was going to talk about a really cool website that sells feminist clothing but my heart is so heavy this morning with the tragedy of the Oregon school shooting that I need to say something.

Why. It’s such a small word but it carries so much meaning. Why has another nine people lost their lives. Why has another man decided to kill people. Why is America not doing more. Why is no one asking WHY this keeps happening. Why is no one looking society and this Western culture in the eye and saying, you are the problem.

Why is it that society enforces these gender roles onto men that violence is the answer to everything. That if you don’t act tough or be strong you are weak, like a woman. So be a man. Why is this seen as not a big deal. Why is this not seen as problematic.

Why is there a stigma around mental health. Why aren’t issues dealt with and accepted. Why is it ¬†people only plea insanity when it can save their lives but people who plea it everyday are dying.

Maybe instead of asking questions we need to say statements.

I haven’t read anything else about this shooting other than the initial news yesterday. I can’t handle reading the same story over and over again but with a different name. These are my thoughts about the shooting and I hope conversations will either start or keep going to help this problem.


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