*Trigger Warnings: abortion, sexual assault, rape*

The debate that never ends, and will never end, was brought to light again today when an anti-choice group, run by a cisgender male, put blue and pink flags up in Memorial Park to show how many babies lost their unborn lives to abortion.

The group is fighting for rights for the unborn…while taking away rights for women….

The thing that anti-choice/pro-life activist don’t understand is that there are many reasons why a woman might chose to have an abortion. Was she a victim of rape? Can she not afford birth control and can’t afford to take car of herself? Is there a medical reasons to terminate the pregnancy? Is she in an abusive relationship?

These current life issues that women face are never considered. Women are instead shamed, degraded and have their rights and needs ignored.

All these anti-choice/pro-life people usually have sayings like “what if this unborn child was the doctor who cured cancer?” There’s also a flip side to that. What if this unborn child was gay? Transgender? A person of colour? From a religion you disagree with? What if this child grew up to be a mass murderer? A school shooter? A rapist?

Would their lives still matter this much? Marginalized groups of people are treated horribly in this society and the majority of the time their lives don’t matter.

What about the kids, in our own city, that are starving and homeless? What about the thousands of kids in foster care? What about the thousands of gay and trans kids being bullied to death? Do their lives not matter?

You want to make a difference for a child’s life? Try fostering one, donating to homeless shelters, teach anti-bullying workshops, teach girls that they matter.

One of the quotes from the article says, “Canada affords no legal protection for children in the womb, at any stage of pregnancy. This means that pre-born girls are targeted for abortion simply because they are female.” Pre-born girls are targeted in the womb, yet these people are targeting   women in society. The hipocrocy is enough to show how invalid their opinions are.

I am pro-choice and I support women who chose and don’t chose to get abortions. Until you are in that position where you need to make that decision, you have absolutely no place to judge someone.

Link to the article cited,


One thought on “Pro-Choice

  1. Kay says:

    Beautifully said! Some people are so eager to “protect the rights of the unborn” but could care less if that child grows up in poverty or an abusive home.


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