On Friday I had the pleasure to go to The Park Theatre and laughed for two hours straight. Comedy is great, but what’s even better, is local female and queer female comedy.

The best thing about it is that it’s honest. All the women joked about serious issues in society and how they affect women. Women having a space to share their voices in a way that makes people laugh at how stupid society can be is, is powerful.

Women can talk about their bodies, sex, feminism, cultural appropriation, transitions, their queerness, without bringing other people down. I find in comedy, some comedians will attack other people, usually minorities, for a good joke. These women just joked about their experiences and tore society down, which needs happen every now and again.

Next year there’s a comedy writing class and I’ve been on the fence about whether or not I should sign up for it. After seeing these women, I was inspired. I joke about similar stuff everyday anyway, performing it would be pretty cool.

Yay to female comedians.




This weeks blog post is dedicated to my period and every other period out there.

Periods are honestly one of the worst things. I get bloated, I’m in so much pain from cramps, I cry at any baby, puppy, cat, or how comfy I am in bed, and all I want is pizza and sex ALL THE TIME. I also get extreme low back pain to the point where I can’t stand up straight. Somehow I’m expected to cope with all the above and still function normally in society.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, do you know how fucking expensive tampons and pads are? Sometimes I have to debate between eating for a week and bleeding everywhere or buying tampons and starving.

One time, I had just enough money for a small box of tampons, a cheap wine, and a small bucket of ice cream that I cried into.

The one saving grace I have as a woman on her period, is that all of the above is totally accepted in society. Society knows that no matter what they charge for tampons, I still need to buy them. Society knows that when I’m bloated and weeping at everything, I’m on my period and I’m expected to act that way.

What society doesn’t accept is that some periods are so fucking bad, that some women aren’t able to get up and go to work. Some women can’t afford tampons or pads. Some women in some cultures aren’t allowed to go to school when they’re on their periods. Some women can’t openly talk about their periods because it’s so stigmatized.

What society doesn’t accept, is that some MEN have periods too. Replace women with MEN in my last paragraph. Both MEN and WOMEN deal with periods.


This amazing team of three women have developed an underwear line specific for periods. In each style of underwear, there are four layers: moisture-wicking, anti-microbial, absorbent, and leak-resistant. Now depending on your flow, you might be OK to just wear the underwear or you might still need to use a tampon or pad. But with these underwear, you don’t have to stress about leaking or people knowing you are on your period.

Check out their amazing website:


Last Saturday THINX launched their boyshort style for trans men, non-binary people, or any person who doesn’t identify as a cisgender woman, as an honour to transgender awareness week.

Yesterday, Nov. 20, was Transgender Day of Remembrance. This post is also dedicated to all the trans men and women we’ve lost in the year due to violence and hate. Trans men and women are people just like you and I.

Let’s keep this open conversation about periods going and help stop the stigma surrounding women on their periods along with trans men, non-binary people, and anyone else who doesn’t identify as a cisgender woman.

I know that the trans community deals with many other issues other than periods, but with more people educated on this matter, hopefully the less trans people will have to suffer in a shitty society.







Starbucks Cup Controversy

It’s the holiday season and what would it be without some type of controversy?

This year’s issue: Starbucks cups. Heaven forbid an organization be respectful of people other than the Christian majority and want to give customers’ the freedom to portray any holiday onto their cup.

I find it ironic when a white man decides to make videos and complain how Starbucks is taking away Christmas and hates Jesus Christ, when they’re actually the reason why so many minorities have lost their religions/cultures/freedoms.

My one word of advice to anyone complaining that Starbucks ruined Christmas: SHUSH.

Also, Ellen DeGeneres, if you read this, marry me.

Happy beginning of the holiday season everyone!

*On a side note, I’m not the biggest fan of Starbucks as a corporation, BUT I support them in their red cup decision*

United Colors of Benetton

This week’s feminism talk will be short and confused. Today I learnt about some controversial and indescribable advertisements in class today. The feminist inside of me is screaming but I am honestly speechless.

These ads don’t seem to have anything to do with the clothes that this company sells, but they must in some way, right? Some lean towards just weird ad ideas [two horses going at it] where other ones are blatantly…. I don’t even have a word to describe it.

Controversial. Uncomfortable. Blunt. Powerful.

They seem to have a campaign called “UNHATE” that features same-sex couples kissing. But the photos are of world leaders such as Barack Obama and they aren’t taken in real time. This has a positive, and to some people controversial, message to it. But does the company support the LGBT* community in other ways other than a controversial ad? Does it donate money to organizations helping the LGBT* community? Are the ads even about LGBT issues, or just about world leaders hating each other? Here’s what their webpage says,


The ads also feature a lot of white people and black people either together or independently. This makes me wonder if the ad is trying to bring attention to racism and shock people. Or are they just doing it because, whether you acknowledge you’re racist or not [another discussion for another day], you will stop and look at this ad.

I find that some of these ads go over the top but I also think I like that about them? I think it’s awesome to put images out there that shock people and get people talking about some pretty heavy, intense issues. The only problem I have with this company is that I don’t know why they are creating ads like this. If it’s just publicity to get people to their website and buy their clothes, I don’t agree with that. Using intense world issues to make a profit is not ok.

I don’t know what the meanings of the ads are so everything stated here are simply my own personal opinions. I have emailed the company to see if they can offer more insight. If I hear from them I will let you all know!

I’m also not going to include any ad pictures because there are numerous trigger warnings. If you want to see them, please Google them at your own risk.

Please feel free to have a discussion with me about these ads. There are lots of things to be said and I want to know how you guys feel about them!