Mascot Madness

I get excited for Festival du Voyageur every year. When I heard there was a Mascot Challenge,  I knew  my photo essay for journalism class had to be about this event!


Le Festival du Voyageur (Festival) brings people of all ages together to celebrate Voyageur, Métis and French culture. Le Festival even brings the city’s well-known mascots to the Voyageur Park for the Mascot Challenge.

Kids of all ages and their families gathered around to cheer on their favourite mascots in a hay bale race and tug a war in front of le Fort Gilbraltar.

Mike E. Moose, BINjamin, Buzz and Léo La Tuque, Festival’s mascot since 1972, are some of the popular mascots at the event.

After the challenges, kids wanted their pictures taken with all the mascots. Parents were happy to take pictures and laughed as they got their picture taken too.


Léo La Tuque, the first mascot to arrive for the Mascot Challenge at Festival Park on Saturday, is greeted by a young fan./DANELLE GRANGER



Mascots DomoRoo from Domo (right), Pelle the Penguin from Corpell’s Water (left) and Trusty from Winnipeg Block Parents (centre) make their way to the Mascot Challenge at Festival Park Saturday./DANELLE GRANGER



All the mascots at the Mascot Challenge take a group picture with kids from the audiene in front of le Fort Gilbraltor in Festival Park Saturday afternoon./DANELLE GRANGER



Winnipeg Blue Bomber’s mascots Boomer (left) and Buzz (right) race each other in the first challenge at the Mascot Challenge Saturday as the crowd cheers them on./DANELLE GRANGER



Winnipeg Jets’ mascot Mike E. Moose carries BINjamin’s hay bale because he couldn’t bend over to pick it up in the Mascot Challenge Saturday./DANELLE GRANGER



The mascots break off into two teams for a round of tug a war in the second challenge at the Mascot Challenge in Festival Park Saturday./DANELLE GRANGER



Green Drop poses with some kids after the Mascot Challenge event, while Willie from Lilac Resort puts a smile on a little boy’s face./DANELLE GRANGER


With all these mascots, how could you not take a selfie with Safari Stan from Petland?

mascot 8



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