take it

You took your brown bag back.

I hope you know how much of my memories, tears, laughter, anger and heart is a part of that bag. That bag held me together while I cried in the park while I was on the phone with you, it was there the day I came into work crying because I had just broken up with you. It was there the day I came back to Winnipeg to see you. And it was there when I left after shitty weekend, after shitty weekend and cried all the back to Kenora. It was there when I was on the phone to Mel or my mom while my heart kept breaking. It was there for really sad stories or events I covered. It carries a lot of people’s stories, tears, laughter, triumphs, struggles and heart breaks – including mine.

You said this bag is sentimental to you – it is to me too.

Just know, you took your brown bag back, but you also took the pieces of my heart that you broke.

So, thank you. Thank you for freeing me of pieces of myself that are tainted with you. Thank you for taking the burden of that bag off my shoulders.

I just hope you’re strong enough to carry what you wanted back so bad.


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